Roll 3d6, six times. In order. No re-rolls.

If there is anything so exciting as the potential behind that first moment of character generation, we don’t know it. Before the dice get rolled, or the dots assigned… before we know our clan or pick our spells or even, really, our system… before we conceive of a character at all. It’s a moment of absolute potential, where the totality of the universe is spread before us, to collapse (as waveforms so often do) into a singularity: a sneaky gnomish ranger, or devout techpriest, or reluctant urban werewolf, or some sort of crazy robot, or whatever.

Us, we’ve decided to roll up an RPG production studio. We know, we know… it’s a completely broken class, barely playable, even if we minmax out Intelligence and Creativity to 18, we get a minimal Wealth Factor and take a hit to both Spare Time and Max Energy. And this, without getting a single healing spell or trained weapon. On the other hand, it’s got an inherent +2 buff to Have Fun, which is a character concept we can get behind. So, here we are.


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