Drive Thru RPG

In important “getting-things-settled” news, we’ve got a page up at Drive Thru RPG, fine purveyors of role-playing games and accouterments! And to mark the occasion, we even have a game there!

The Object, which is about as hyper-indie as we’re planning on getting, is a very freeform exercise in role-playing as a bunch of folks sitting around a table (which makes it, technically, a LARP), discussing a mysterious object of potentially massive significance. It’s also our first for-money game… one dollar, American, gets you twelve-pages of document, suitable for printing.

We may talk some more about it in the next few days, but at the moment it is, among other things, the day before Thanksgiving, so this is being posted on the quick, so we can better get back to seeking out turkey.


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