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[Yawn, stretch, etc.]

Ah, good evening there! Lovely holiday-type break, yes? We’ve had a lovely time. For the most part.

Well, we got some sweet swag out of it at least. Lovely swag.

ANYWAY, we’ve been less than busy what with the dang-old Christmas and Gruumsh-Harvest and whatnot, and though we are not SHAMED, exactly, we are going to have to get ourselves back in the game in some fashion or another. Which is why we are so excited to see our long-distance design-crush Ryan Macklin posting this enticing little number.

Hacking the delightful little horror number Don’t Rest Your Head sounds like our cup of hot liquid, and we have a few ideas nestled in our wee little heads, none of which we can talk about at length on the grounds that, well, we’re thinking about submitting them for official-like publication. Oh man, it’s the sort of thing that makes us shake our clenched fists in excitement.


Char Gen!

We’ve never played Pathfinder before. Or, for that matter, And D&D prior to 4th Edition.

(Does this sap our RPG cred? We feel like it does, a bit. Whether one is a fan of Pathfinder or not, claiming to have something worthwhile to say about RPGs without having played them is akin to being an English Professor who has never read Hamlet. It doesn’t matter if it’s your thing or not, it’s a big enough thing that you shouldn’t be able to get away without SOME sort of experience with it.)

So, we are mighty excited that the opportunity has come up for us to PLAY some pathfinder, as a friend of a friend is about to run a game. But you know what’s even better? We have to make some characters.

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It’s Business Time

Do you know what businesses need?

(Infrastructures, business plans, official recognition from a civil authority, staff, coffee machines and all the other stuff like that excluded, of course.)

Businesses need business cards. OBVIOUSLY. And as we are an awesome business, we need an appropriately awesome business card, and it would only help if it were the sort of card which would show to all who might see it that we are a force to be reckoned with in whatever industry we are in. More than that, it would need to be recognizable and memorable. But you know, the most important thing, in our minds, be that the card raise important questions about what an RPG can be.

Thus, we created the Business Card Dungeon Crawl. A fantasy RPG experience crammed onto a single business card (two-sided). If you’ve got a sheet of 2-inch by 3.5 inch business cards, you could own it yourself. Print, flip, print, separate, DUNGEONS.Business Card Dungeon Crawl

Or, just click and examine the friendly thumbnail. We’re open to all options.

Is it the smallest RPG ever created? Well, no, that’s an honor bestowed upon Microdot, but we’re confident that, were you to make a list of “complete” RPGs–where we are leaving the definition of “complete” purposefully vague and even putting it in quotes to cover our own behinds–the Business Card Dungeon Crawl would be among the most minuscule of the lot. We could stuff our wallets with, like, twelve of these, easy, and be ready to run a game at a moment’s notice.

(A second card, one dedicated entirely to GM rules, tips, and hooks is probably forthcoming, though this is a game which needs none of that… it’s pretty much made for a GM to fly by the seat of his or her pants, based on what sounds fun, compelling, or reasonable (in that order) at any given moment.)