[Yawn, stretch, etc.]

Ah, good evening there! Lovely holiday-type break, yes? We’ve had a lovely time. For the most part.

Well, we got some sweet swag out of it at least. Lovely swag.

ANYWAY, we’ve been less than busy what with the dang-old Christmas and Gruumsh-Harvest and whatnot, and though we are not SHAMED, exactly, we are going to have to get ourselves back in the game in some fashion or another. Which is why we are so excited to see our long-distance design-crush Ryan Macklin posting this enticing little number.

Hacking the delightful little horror number Don’t Rest Your Head sounds like our cup of hot liquid, and we have a few ideas nestled in our wee little heads, none of which we can talk about at length on the grounds that, well, we’re thinking about submitting them for official-like publication. Oh man, it’s the sort of thing that makes us shake our clenched fists in excitement.


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