The Chef is ON

The standard ingredients: Doctor, Mimic, Lantern, Coyote.’

The Random Ingredients:

  • This thread, which asks for a combat-intensive system for a hobby project. Not… not super helpful, although “combat-intensive” is vague enough to be applicable in pinch.
  • This thread, called “[Madness Descends] Investigation and Insanity Rules.” This, friends, is a compelling option… particularly the appealing synergy between investigation and mimicry and insanity and doctors.
  • This thread, about a superhero game in an animated style. Potentially interesting, but the quote we’re culling right now is this: “Growth of the character is based on being true to the backstory,” and the following paragraph which details potential for flashbacks as character growth. Excellent synergy with mimicry as well. 
  • This last thread seems, at first, amusingly useless; a fellow beginning and then, four hours later, resigning from a 24-hour RPG. And yet, it’s our favorite of the bunch… perhaps because being so short makes it easier to break down into bits. It’s got time limits (goes well with the Main Theme, as well as, potentially, lanterns as means of measuring time), and giving up (again, strong tie to the main theme), and the phrase “Sexually Frustrated Teenage Slashers,” which goes well with everything.

Lots to go on, too early to want to settle on one idea (though that should happen sooner rather than later). Thought of the moment… something about a group of people trapped in the dark, one of whom is not  human, trying to suss out who is who before the air runs out. Mimic and Lantern from the first set, Insanity and 24-hours from the second, and the main theme reflected both in its one-shot nature and some surprise rules that shouldn’t be revealed until play starts. It’s kind of an RPG equivalent of John Carpenter’s The Thing, and hell, it might well be Just That. Time shall tell.



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