Hey cats. We’ve been hard at work, Game Cheffing, and of course living the lives of rock stars or whatever it is we do when we’re not making RPGs. Stuff that cuts into our time making RPGs.

And man, we could have used a little more of that, and maybe we wouldn’t have come up with a 3,000-word game which runs a bit closer to 6,000. TO BE FAIR, that’s including some introductions, optional fluff passages, a GM advice-page, and four pages of business card template which technically count as a character sheet… the Rules, such that they are, hit 3,067 words, and we’re not going to count ourselves out just yet (though if we are informed that we are disqualified due to an excess of extraneous material, we will bow deferentially and understand.

So hey… Epistolary!

Epistolary Player’s Guide

Epistolary GM’s Guide



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