Ah, delightful. I just returned from an evening of playing Fiasco for the first time (a super-science and supervillians playset). It was a lovely time, and I ended up trapped 10,000 years in the future with a zombie tiger. So, that’s a thing.

On the whole, I don’t consider myself to be much of a player of Story Games. They’re fine enough, and I certainly enjoyed myself this evening, but I’m still beholden to the call of slightly more traditional games: GM-led narratives and mechanics-heavy action and characters defined by their skills more so than their goals, and things of that nature. Which is odd, because I AM a dude who values the story inherent in games, and appreciates the potential for narrative arcs which are present in story games and harder to shoe into traditional games. But you know, it’s a spectrum, isn’t it? And I like hanging out close to the highly narrative story-telling systems, but with a foot firmly planted in thick rulebooks and the tracking of hit points.

Still, I did have a lovely time, and it is likely to be something I’ll do again. A valuable experience and, yes, one with zombie tigers in it, so that’s not to be overlooked.


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