Found Footage

I’ve been working on a pair of projects of late. One I’ve mentioned here: the Guild of Steamfitters (among other potential names), my stuff-oriented steampunk traditional RPG. That’s going alright; I’ve had a handful of useful playtests, but it’s a big affair with a number of systems and won’t be anything like Done for a while.

The OTHER has been a secret project, less because I like an air of mystery and more because I’m super-lazy with regards to self-documentation. Ha-hah, yes. But it’s reached an impressive point of near-finish so I figure I should mention it!

It’s called Found Footage, and the currently-finished portions of it are available here, for the main rules document, and here, for the oracles/playsets/whatever you want to call them. Note, if you decide to pursue those links, that the rules document isn’t particularly well-organized at the moment, though it is complete (there’s a summary outline at the end which should make things a little more clear); it’s a horror-themed story-game, so I thought it best to have it available to the world prior to Halloween because, you know… spoooooooky!

As the title implies, it’s a game about recreating the particular narrative format of found-footage horror movies; see the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, Grave Encounters, and a whole mess of others. You use a deck of cards to determine character relationships, and more importantly, determine what horrors are going to get caught on tape, and more importantly still, determine which characters are going to be killed horribly before the credits roll. That, uh, that’s going to be most of the characters, to be honest; you go in with like a 10% chance of survival if I’m mathing right. Slim, but not entirely without hope!

Of course, right now there aren’t as many options as there will be down the line; you’ll note in that second link that there’s but one location (the Woods), one monster (the Stalker) and one crew (the Documentary crew). Unacceptable in the long term, but fine right now. Adding another pair of locations (the suburbs and the abandoned hospital come to mind) and pair of crew-types (student filmmakers and TV pilot crew, maybe) will help, but really I need more monsters.

I’m keeping them vague, because the players should be creating the monster as they go, but monster types definitely lend the monster a bit of character. The Stalker has a lot of options for directly interacting with people, comparatively less for sending minions at them and having them go mad, and even less for letting the environment take them out (stalkers are too up close and personal for that jazz). In the near future I’d also like to assemble a Hoard archetype which is weak on direct action but strong on environmental damage from starvation and infection and whatnot, a Mastermind archetype which runs minions first, and a Cosmic Force archetype which, needless to say, brings madness in its wake.

And that’s just the beginning, because oracles/playsets/whatever are the gift that keeps on giving. Beast-type, alien-type, demon-type, other more specific monsters.

It’s untested as of right now, but I’m feeling confident. I’m hoping to get a game together sometime soon, but if not, I’ll still keep it here in case you want to try it as a stranger on the Internet. If so, let me know how it works!


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