Fate Core!

Folks, if you have’t kickstarted Fate Core (or rather, given that the thing is kicked to the tune of 55 times its asking price as I write this, joined the kicking party for the well-and-truly started Fate Core) you should do so. If only to throw a buck in the well, if only because that gets you access to the Fate Core rules immediately upon backing. And that’s fine and dandy because, even without illustrations, they are damn fine rules, and it’s worth well more than a dollar to be able to pick them up now.

If you’ve ever played a Fate-based game, Core is worth your while because it simplifies and streamlines the rules to an amazing degree, pulling in the elements that work best from the various flavors of Fate into something whole.

If you’ve never played a Fate-based game, Core is worth your while because, dammit man, it’s really good and you should at least get in a game. I want to get in a game. I want to run a game, like, right now with anyone who will listen.

Is there anything missing? To be perfectly honest, the document is just about perfect; the things that are missing are things which are intended to be handled in the Magic System Toolkit, as well as other expansions, Fate-based games, and personal hacks: magic, supernormal powers, cyber-enhancements, and things of that nature. Some of this is covered under the Extras section, to to be honest that is a chapter which could benefit from a sidebar titled “Hey, here’s a couple ways magic could work (but consider other options if you want to)!” Even that’s a mild concern, though; Fate Core is a very, very hackable game. Purposefully so! It invites potential players and GMs to figure out new skills as needed, and split, merge, or delete the skills already on display. It invites us to alter the way the world works when it would be compelling, and while it sets some guidelines on what rules work and why they do, it’s not afraid to let us know that we can rewrite the rules as needed. Any magic system might be read as “the way magic works in Fate”, and that’s a troublesome interpretation. I’d just like a tiny guiding hand to help me as I start down the road of hacking in a magic system.

Anyway. I recommend it. I recommend you get it. A ++, would back again.


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