The Object, revisited.

Hey, remember The Object? A role-playing thought experiment about a mysterious and inexplicable… uh… object. I wrote it ages ago, and to be honest, I haven’t thought of it much.

And then a nice fellow on the Internet named Tim Dexenius said he played it. And he liked it! Not only did he like it, he liked it enough to plan to play it again, and to work on a useful reference sheet, which he was kind enough to let me share.

Even better, he pointed out that the game’s Profession Cards cards could be fold-over nameplates with the archetype on one side and the character’s description and motivations on the other, rather than mere business cards. This? This is the sort of idea that’s both simple to execute and incredibly clever, especially given how useful AND thematic the nice little nameplates are.

Thanks, Tim!


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