An update on the state of current projects

(For those interested in the state of current projects).

My big thing over the past few months has been my novel: Book Binding, a story of academic politics and library management at a college of magic. I “finished” it last year, shortly before a cross country move from Atlanta to Seattle… by finished, I mean that a first draft came into being, and I took a break to focus on moving and gain some fresh eyes to look at the text, which turned into ignoring the text entirely for a few months.

As it does.

Still, I was lucky enough to have a wife willing to prod me beneath the ribs and tell me to finish the editing by April, and there’s a good chance I’ll make it, as the last few gaps and obvious plot holes are almost filled, and I’m ninety percent sure I didn’t change anyone’s name in the middle of the book without warning (this is a bad habit of mine). Take my eyes off it for April, and by May I’ll do the second round of editing with fresh eyes, and, while that’s going on, start sending feelers out to agents and/or publishers. Oh yes. I have a Plan.

Which means my April project, coming up soon, is to play with the other iron on my fire: The Guild of Steamfitters (formerly Steamcraft), an RPG which I wrote and successfully playtested, but which… ground to a halt when it came time to buckle down and edit the first draft into something more polished.

I… uh, I guess I have a bad habit, don’t I?


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