Who are we?

Ed Turner – Writing and Design

Ed is the founding member of TCG, and some might say the only member. His day job is tutoring in the Sacramento area as a homemaker in Atlanta  working retail in Seattle. He’s got an MA in English, and likes studying the ramifications of new media in literature and the interaction between characterization and game systems. Which, naturally, led to him creating game systems that he might play with their emotional ramifications. He has, additionally, published several short stories, including “Edison’s Dead Men” in the anthology History is Dead and “In Battle, Alone and Soon Forgotten” to be printed in the upcoming Machine of Death, Volume II. He has a personal Tumblr here, which sees very little use, and is more reachable as @AproposPenguin on the Twitter.

Terry the Orc -PR and Defense

Terry is the public face of TCG, both online and in the nearby forests, where the wolves and bears are only half so dangerous as the bandits. Though his orcish blood runs hot as he revels in the glory of battle, his true love is and has always been being a mascot for an online indie RPG company. He’s considered something of a pariah among his people.


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