Games Wasteland

Games which are, at the moment, done. That is to say, I’m not working on them, and have no intention to build upon them. That doesn’t necessarily translate to finished, tested, good, or anything like that (although I wouldn’t be putting them here if I thought them to be actually without merit).

  • The Object – An experimental RPG in three acts: players portray experts and leaders forced to confront an object that they’ve never seen before, unlike anything in their world, which shouldn’t, couldn’t exist. Available from the fine folks at DriveThruRPG as a high quality PDF, suitable for printing out at your leisure.Read more about it here.
  • Epstolary: A Game of Letters and Monsters (and supplemental materials) – An entry in the 2012 Game Chef, for which it was a finalist (CRAZY!), in which the players are residents of a small coastal town circa 1900, and have to deal with a monster in their midst. Notable for being in epistolary format… players don’t interact with one another, they narrate letters about one another. PRE-ALPHA BUILD, play at your own risk!

2 responses to “Games Wasteland

  • Tim Dexenius

    Hi! Enjoyed playing “The Object”! Planning on playing it for a second time this saturday. Made another version of the pdf file. Went for a more minimalistic typewriter feel, Made some changes to the width, because the text ended to close to the edges to be confortable to read when stapled to book format. Also made some changes to the cards, including making the character cards foldable to nameplate front/ info backside. Thinking of adding a quick reference sheet in true “typewriter” font. (ingame probably the backround story). Contact me via email if your interested i can send you a copy.
    Gothenburg, Sweden

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